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Future Plans

Peristaltic Pump

The World's Simpliest Peristaltic Pump Design!

Visit www.jmcpump.com to see a commercially available application of this exciting technology.   

As you may know, the complete family of pumps are the second most mass produced products in the world, ranking behind electric motors.  

Peristaltic pumps are the fastest growing segment of the pump industry.  The design disclosed warrants immediate attention.

Linear perstaltic pump design on-hold, patent searches indicate that a successful application would result, design feasible, market study required...  

Axial Flow Pump

US Patent Application Filed 29-JUL-2015; see pages with Specification and Drawings on this website.

This is a new type of Axial Flow Pump having impeller interchangeability and complete pump disassembly in less than 60 seconds, without tools.

The patent application makes claims on the new pump design, new rotary and a centrifugal seals, and two new impellers.

Markets such as sanitary, clean-in-place and difficult to move liquids will be served, again with fewer parts and ease of maintenance.  The invention can be scaled up for the most demanding volume fluid transfer requirements.

Metering Pump

Major components have been built and overall, patent searches indicate that a successful application would result. A complete set of blueprints is available for any interested party providing a secrecy agreement is executed until an application is filed.

The pump can be made of high purity materials and output pressures over 150 PSI are likely.

The technology can be scaled and constructed from a variety of materials related to customer requirements.

2015 Patents & More...

Years ago, it was hard to believe that outlet pressure would be the primary force causing a separation of the inlet and outlet streams to yield a pumping solution, please refer to US Patent 9,011,123, issued 21 April 2015.

US Patent 9,175,684, titled "Magnetic Abutment Rotary Pump with Repelling Magnets" was issued 3 November 2015. Rare earth magnets are used to create a spring load on an abutment that maintains sealing contact with a rotor to separate the inlet and outlet fluid streams.  

Respectfully, “Future Plans” will come to fruition as witnessed by the many working prototypes on-hand, the three (3) issued patents to date, two (2) more patent applications pending with others to follow, and continued R&D effort.

The focus of every design and product is to feature less parts, simpler construction, lower manufacturing cost, better performance and potentially higher profit margins for innovative companies that invest in the protected technologies being offered.

Careful consideration of the intellectual property is warranted.

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